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          Position:Home -> Latex examination gloves
          Latex examination gloves
          Name: Latex nitrile gloves Material:
          natural latex.
          Colors: natural,yellow,pink,red,green and so on Size available: S, M , L ,XL
          Certification : CE, ISO, FDA Weight : 40g,45g,50g,55g,60g,70g,80g
          Plam grip: Diamond grip Packing: : 100PCS/BOX, 10BOXES/CTN
          - 100% Natural rubber latex
          - Low Protein Content
          - Lightly powdered or PU Coating for easy donning
          - Ambidextrous, beaded cuff and smooth external finish.
          - Non-Sterile
          Applications:Foodservice / Healthcare / Dental / Industrial Safety / Laboratory / Homecare.
          Details of the figure
          packing and carton size
          100PCS/BOX, 10BOXES/CTN
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