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          Position:Home -> Latex industrial gloves
          Latex industrial gloves
          Name: Latex industrial gloves Material:
          natural latex.
          Colors: Outside black inside orange Size available: S, M , L ,XL
          Trademark: shuangjian Width(mm): S(7):80±5 M(8):90±5 L(9): 100±5 XL(10):110±5
          Certification : CE, ISO, FDA Production line Three lines , out put :20,0000 pairs per day .
          1. Don’t touch sharp things .
          2. Don’t use directly on the fire or high temperature place
          3. After use, put it in the place with good ventilation and make it dry to prepare for use of next time.
          Details of the figure
          packing and carton size
          Normal Packing :1 pair /OPP bag, 1 dozen / transparent bag ,240 pairs/carton.
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