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          Latex gloves
          About us
          Position:Home -> Jiali Introduction
          Jiali Introduction

          Zhanjiang jiali glove Products Co., Ltd .has been a professional manufacturer which specializes in producing all kinds of household gloves , industrial gloves , cleaning latex gloves and the other products. Located in the southern china and near by ZHANJIANG port, so every orders can be shipped in time .

          The factory was founded in 1998,and covered an area of 52800 square meters. Now it has become a professional enterprise in this field during more than 17 years of development. It has six producing lines ,which daily output is 30,0000 pairs and annual production capacity is 60 million.80% of the gloves are exported to abroad and the rest is sold in domestic .There are more than 200 employees in the factory,15% senior technicians . The company is also equipped with a complete line of advanced equipment and technology. Thus we can offer you the excellent quality products. At present, our "DOUBLE ARROW" brand products are sold well at home and abroad.

          Committed to quality, we strive to supply reliable products and the best service for every customers in the global market. Trying to further expand our international market, we are seeking for cooperation with more friends all the time , and hope to be your honest cooperative partner for long term in future

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